Patient Testimonials

  • "Dr Pizarro is a very kind and caring physician. He answered all of my questions and concerns before I was even aware of them. I can't believe what a difference my surgery made in my life and well-being. The recovery was very minimal and for the most part very pain-free. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Don't suffer in silence."
    Garline H.
    Gladewater, TX
  • "Dr. Pizarro and his staff are very kind and very helpful. They make you feel at ease; not like you are at the doctor’s office. My procedure went very well. I was pleased tremendously with my pain level after surgery. I only felt a little sore. I was very anxious before my procedure about the pain, but it was not bad at all. This procedure that Dr. Pizarro performs is awesome! I don’t have a big scar across my belly, only the little ones from the laparoscope. I would recommend anyone and everyone that needs a hysterectomy to come see Dr. Pizarro and see if robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery is right for them."
    Dana C.
    Robeline, LA
  • "After having pelvic problems for years, I made an appointment with Dr. Pizarro. I will never forget my first visit. He was very knowledgeable, caring and sensitive about my health issue and its effect on my quality of life. Dr. Pizarro performed very successful robotic gynecologic surgery. Recovery time was short. The high level of care continued through follow-up. Thank you Dr. Pizarro!"
    Valerie T.
    Jonesboro, LA
  • "Everyone was concerned with making sure I was as comfortable as possible. My doctor (Dr. Pizarro) was even knowledgeable about my previous surgery. He noticed a scar was left behind and offered another way this time to prevent scaring. That was greatly appreciated. I love the help and the wonderful staff of Dr. Pizarro."
    Lois P.
    Mansfield, LA
  • "I am a 78 year old woman. In August 2009 I was experiencing severe bladder leakage and prolapse of the bladder. I had seen a gynecologist and a urologist in Longview, Texas and had started scheduling a surgery for bladder suspension, but it was recommended by the gynecologist that I see Dr. Pizarro. When I visited Dr. Pizarro, after examination he told me of options for treatment. He felt that a bladder suspension surgery would not solve my problem because of my bladder muscle was paralyzed and having spasms and needed to be retrained. He fitted me with a pessary to help the dropped bladder stay in place. He also instructed me in doing Kegel exercises. After doing this for about 4 months, everything started to stay in place and the leakage stopped! I was amazed; it was like a miracle. I am so thankful for Dr. Pizarro's advice and instruction which brought about results and avoided an unnecessary surgery!"
    Ruby D.
    Gilmer, TX
  • "Thanks to Dr. Pizarro and his wonderful staff for helping me with my health problem. They are the best."
    Jacqueline W.
  • "I am very pleased with Dr. Pizarro’s office. The employees are very warm and friendly- makes me look forward to my next visit."
    Ella T.
  • "From my first encounter with all staff and Dr. Pizarro, I felt the caring and very knowledgeable treatment I would receive and did receive. I was given so much respect and kindness along with explanations in words that I could understand what was to take place with the treatment. Wonderful people."
    Hazel S.
  • "My visits were very pleasant. Dr. Pizarro and his staff made me feel cared about. He took the time to explain all the procedures and answer any questions that I ask. I am very glad he and his staff are so caring."
    Bobbie H.
  • "Learned alot about my body. At 35, when you hear you have a prolapse you automatically think surgery. That is the route most Drs. want to go. But here it was a last resort, and going through the physical therapy has helped all of my symptoms. It is a change in how I am able to do things. Better quality of life. "
    Bergundi S.
  • "The surgery has put me back on track and given me an active life again. I'm able to enjoy my family and join in the activities. I am full of energy and pain free! I feel much better at the end of the day after working without being in constant pain. Life is great!"
  • "I am 62 y/o with leaking bladder, rectocele, and prolapsed vagina. Intercourse was painful, bowel movements were difficult. Dr. Pizarro was exactly what I needed to correct my problems. He was very professional, his staff was excellent. Wonderful results and I drive 3 hrs to get here."
    Jonesville, LA
  • "During my first visit to Dr. Pizarro's office in January 2008, I found him to be professional, thorough and understanding during the evaluation of my problem. The explanation of medical treatment was easy to understand. I was very impressed with the efficiency and support provided by his staff. I have no reservations in making referrals to Dr. Pizarro."
    Marshall, TX
  • "Dr. Pizarro is everything that a highly trained & skilled Dr. should be and more. Not only is he always professional, but goes the extra mile with a caring and compassionate attitude giving each patient the time needed for questions and quelling their fears."
    Bossier City, LA
  • "I feel very fortunate in having a young doctor so well trained & schooled as my doctor. Thank you for coming back to Shreveport."
  • "Thank you very much for your excellent professionalism. You and your office help provided an atmosphere of genuine care and concern. I would highly recommend you. I am very favorably impressed."
    Bossier City, LA

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