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Pelvic Floor Prolapse Repair

Mesh-Free Uterosacral Ligament Vaginal Repair (Colpopexy)

This is an advanced mesh-free surgery performed by Dr. Pizarro, using the da Vinci® Xi robotic technology to repair pelvic prolapse - or weakness in the pelvic floor. Women who suffer from pelvic prolapse experience a very bothersome sensation of a vaginal protrusion or a bulge. To repair this condition in properly-selected patients, Dr. Pizarro uses a technique based on the one developed by the gynecologic surgery pioneers at the Mayo Clinic, where he trained. The weakened area is carefully evaluated before and during surgery, to see what parts of the vagina are involved. The uterosacral ligaments (tough tissues at the top of and beside the vagina) are found and are attached securely to the weakened vagina to restore support. Dr. Pizarro uses several non-absorbable stitches to help create a very secure repair. In this way, the defects are repaired and the fallen tissues are put back into place.

Many surgeons offer repairs for female pelvic prolapse using plastic mesh or cadaveric (donated) materials, which are the subject of a recent warning from the FDA. Dr. Pizarro has not and does not use that kind of mesh in surgeries for his patients to repair prolapse. Women considering surgery for pelvic prolapse should ask about mesh-free repairs such as those offered by Dr. Pizarro.

Mesh-free colpopexy corrects loss of support to the top of the vagina (enterocele). This surgery can be performed with or without hysterectomy, depending on the needs and anatomy of the patient.

In many women with prolapse of the vagina, other parts of the vagina are also in need of repair. When the front wall of the vagina under the urinary bladder is prolapsed, this is called cystocele. When the back wall of the vagina over the rectum is prolapsed, this is called rectocele. For women with those conditions, uterosacral colpopexy can be combined with repair of the cystocele (robotic paravaginal repair) and rectocele repairs.

Call today if you suffer from pelvic prolapse, and see if mesh-free colpopexy is right for you.